This furnace is worrying me

On certain mornings, it feels so good to be in your cozy bed that you don’t want to wake up or even get out of bed. It is freezing outside, which means all you can think of is how freezing the floor will most certainly feel when you put your warm feet onto it. It would be much easier to just curl up and conveniently forget that there is a job or school out there that demands your presence. It’s on those mornings when I really wish I had a remote control that controlled my phone and put in a call for me, because that would make it so I didn’t feel as guilty about calling with some silly excuse for not going. But on those cold mornings, I force myself to get out of bed, step out onto the freezing cold floor, and walk into the lavatory that has an even colder floor, to get our shower. It is also on those days, too, that I tend to dream of a time when I’ll be capable of affording radiant heated flooring in the lavatory. But I know, too, that if I had radiant heated flooring, I wouldn’t have anything to wake me up when I get out of bed. Radiant heated flooring in my bathroom would definitely feel great. Then, however, I remember that the cost of radiant heated flooring can be really outrageous. Maybe I will win the lottery when I get older, because then I won’t have to worry about the cost. But at this point, I’ll have to rely on my vivid dreams. There may be better things to dream of but personally I find radiant heated flooring to be a great way to while away my extra time and dream.

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