This will always impress me

    A smart control unit would be an amazing thing to have. On days when I’m off task plus spend our day at home, I always love to sit in bed for as long as I can plus play on our iphone, nap, plus watch TV. I get freezing often, so I’d love to have a smart control unit so I can just control our Heating and Air Conditioning unit from our iphone, without having to go downstairs or to another room. I wouldn’t even have to get out of bed to turn on the gas furnace or the air conditioning. Imagine that! It would be great for the summertime when it’s so hot that I don’t even want to move. I could keep our home cozy plus comfortable all the time, at the perfect temperature. That would be heaven! I could also check what temperature our control unit is set at plus monitor it so I’m not keeping it too freezing or too hot. This would help me keep our bills lower! A smart control unit would be an excellent way to control our Heating and Air Conditioning unit plus I would love to eventually purchase one. It would make such a difference in the comfort of our partner plus I, plus it would make life so easy. It would also be nice in the winter. Occasionally, it’s so freezing that I don’t want to even get out from under the hot covers on our bed. If I was able to control our gas furnace plus air conditioning from our iphone, I could stay hot plus cozy in our bed plus adjust the temperature to our liking. I’d keep myself hot plus snuggled up plus not have to worry about cold once I get out of our bed. I would love to have a smart control unit because it would add so much convenience plus comfort to our life!

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