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I go to a very old college, and while it’s not for everyone, I really love it. The campus is so old that it actually has a lot of secrets which most folks don’t know about. For example, unless you work in the college radio station, you may not know where it is. A buddy of mine runs an alt rock station that promotes local bands, and he told me it was underground. I had no idea! He explained that it was in one of the old tunnels off of our main library and commuter cafe building. I knew about the tunnels, but as far as I could tell none of them had any old classrooms. The tunnels were built to help people with disabilities get from one class to another without getting their old wheelchairs or crutches in the snow. They were also a great way for teachers to get to class on time, without getting their lecture notes wet. The students can still use them today, if they know where to look. The tunnels aren’t closed off at all, they’re just not really well signed. The only downside to the tunnels is the temperature. If you choose to run through in winter, you’ll be sweating by the time you get into your classroom. The tunnels underground are fitted with the old boiler pipes. This makes the tunnels feel like you’re walking into the gates of hell, rather than your British Lit 1 seminar. As there are no windows, the heat has nowhere to go and is simply trapped in the space. It’s worth it though to stay dry running from the library to class if you don’t have your umbrella.

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