I knew the maintenance was important

My brother bought his house about 15 years ago and he has done nothing but brag about how nice it is. Sure, when you walk in it’s absolutely beautiful because they are constantly redecorating and painting to keep it modern and fresh. I went and stayed with them for a couple weeks last summer and learned that all was not what it seemed. After my first couple of days there the air conditioner broke and I woke up drenched in sweat. I went to wake up my brother and ask him if there was a problem and he said that he would call in the morning to have someone come look at it.  I lay awake the rest of the night because I was too uncomfortable to sleep and hope that the HVAC system would be repaired early in the morning. However, when I went downstairs I found that my brother and his wife had left for work and there was no sign of a repairman for a note saying that he was coming later. I tried calling my brother and it went right to voicemail so I decided to go for a walk to at least get some fresh air. When my brother came home from work that day I asked him what happened with the repair person and he said that he didn’t bother to call because he knew what the problem was. Apparently, the system had been feeling for quite a while and they had put off maintenance for so long that it needed to be replaced. Now that it had broken completely he wasn’t sure what they were going to do because it was going to be very costly to put in a new system. He confided in me and told me that they had wasted most of their money on the cosmetic upgrades of the house and never really put any money into the important things like the appliances.

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