I am appalled

Shivering at your desk at the office? That could be the reason that you’re so tired! Research shows that people who shiver in over-air conditioned environments may experience fatigue. Surprisingly, job spaces that are too cold may lead workers to experience chronic headaches or breathing difficulties. Either condition increases the vulnerability to colds, flus, other illnesses, or worse! When employers keep the thermostat set too cool, employees may also experience dry skin. Low humidity levels withdraw the moisture from your skin, which is why adding moisturizers consistently is a fine defense. Be that as it may, not to complain about central air conditioner, since people who wish they had it would be appalled, but overly cooled air can also aggravate existing health conditions. For example, cooling systems can exacerbate the symptoms associated with high blood pressure and arthritis. Also, pertaining to high blood pressure, the freezing air causes blood vessels to narrow. Regarding arthritis, less blood flow makes joints stiffer and more painful. Another health problem associated with extended periods of time spent in overly cooled environments is that the individual becomes decreasingly intolerant of warmer season temperatures. As the person moves from cooled air to much warmer, outside air, the body is stressed–especially during heat waves. In some cases, the stress has even led to death! Finally, some central air conditioners can absolutely circulate airborne diseases, including bacteria that can lead to high fever and pneumonia… But what does all of this mean for those actually working in these conditions? It should actually be something that the employer is aware of, since the heat/AC program is the main source of the problem. An HVAC supplier should be apprised of the scenario in order that employee health not be compromised.