My friend is sleeping great

After a long night now working on a group project with a friend of mine, I decided I would just crash at her place for the night, no big deal. It’s a long drive back to my crib, & with a Winter storm approaching campus, I thought it was best to just stay safe. I called my mom and pops, & they said it was ok. I’d never been on the campus after ten PM before, as I’m usually back home long before then, & I had no plan so much went on. Even walking around freezing in my Winter coat, it was still so cool, there’s students who do juggling contests on the quad at night, & a few cool parties all over. The chill wasn’t so terrible though, because the dorms are super warm. The students have no control over the temperature, so you get whatever the RA’s feel However, when both of us went to bed around 2am, the radiator started making a loud screeching sound sound! It absolutely sounded love some tiny monster was inside the Heating & A/C vent banging on the metal radiator vents with its claws. My friend just shrugged & said the building ran off an ancient system. No students could ever find an Heating & A/C contractor who could service it because it was too old. I can’t believe my buddy snores through this every night. I had to wear headphones & blast very loud tunes at levels which are really bad for the ears just to drown out the sound of that awful oil furnace. I called the RA the next afternoon to try & get an Heating & A/C company on the case, but love my friend, they didn’t listened to me.

heat and AC