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Rental houses are an interesting advancement in the business of property renting. You never believe quite what you’re in for. For me the good news is i’m a renter, not a buyer. This way if anything terrible happens to the property due to the conditions of the home, I can’t be stuck with an enormous bill. Occasionally however, you  will discover strange aspects about the property that easily make life a little more interesting; Our rental apartment has a finished basement. That being said, the indoor air quality isn’t that healthy to breath in. This is due to the fact that we don’t have an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system downstairs, just a central heater. That unfortunately means that there isn’t a whole lot of ways to provide normal circulation in this space. There is a large dehumidifier though. It’s one of the oldest things i’ve ever seen, most likely from the stone ages, and it can’t be moved. This is thanks to the fact that the drain for the water runs through a pump into a hole in the basement floor, so you never have to remember to drain a tank. I spoke to our landlord last week about the problems and concerns with the air quality, and he asked if I had changed the air filter. I asked what air filter he was talking about, as our oil furnace only has a single that is cleaned. Not a replacement a single like with central a/c. I learned that day that aged dehumidifier had air filters the whole time living and none of us knew that. I had just been shopping online for a really good a single and none of the current model have air filters. The landlord was nice enough to send me an entire box of brand current air filters for the media air cleaner. We’re going to have the basement in tip top shape.

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