This local resident is so nice

When I have an opportunity, I have a passion to explore other countries as well as other cities.  My pride and joy is showing people my passport as well as the many cool places that I have been. One of my sisters noticed that most of the places that I have visited have been mostly all warm climates.  I live in the southern edge of our country where the people I was with and I have warm temperatures most of the year. So I am used to hot weather. However, I’m also used to hot weather with a good cooling system.  The first time I went to a foreign country, I wanted to experience life there as if I was a resident. I didn’t believe at the time this meant no central air cooling however. I didn’t reserve a room in a nice hotel, which most likely would have had come equipped with a cooling system. Instead of doing that, I choose to rent a room in a locally owned bed and breakfast. I didn’t realize that central air would be not a necessity.  The hotel was close to the beach with a perfect view of the ocean. When I first got there, I was so shocked with the hotels views that I still didn’t ask about a/c problem. The windows in our room was open when I arrived as well as the ocean breeze was so lovely to my sweaty skin. However, after returning from a long day of surfing and drinking with my friends, I wanted to sit down on our bed in a cool air conditioned area. What I had instead was a fan in front of the window and that’s it.  I tried to be somewhat optimistic about not having a/c as well as asked a local resident how they managed the heat. The skill I learned from him was chilly showers once per hour.

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