A summer heat wave

I did not realize how bad of an idea exposed ductwork was until summer. The apartment that I rent has a ton of exposed air ducts. A big metal tube stretches across the ceiling of my apartment. It is ugly, but the apartment is cheap so I really don’t care. I just told myself to never look up and all would be good. In the winter, I did not notice the exposed air ducts at all. Honestly, I bet having the ductwork open and having the heating hit it was a good idea. The summer air conditioning is a different story. I get dripped on all of the time now. The HVAC ducts drip water all over my floor, couch and even on my head. I figured out this because heat rises. My body heat, the home’s natural heat and the humidity all rise to the ceiling. The air conditioning is inside of the air ducts and being pushed out. So the actual ductwork is quite cold, but the heat rises and touches the metal. What happens when a hot and cold gas meet? You get condensation forming due to the particles mixing. So anytime I crank up the AC, the ductwork drips all over my home. I hate the water spots all over the place. I hate that humidity has become my worst enemy. Who would ever put ductwork out of the ceiling if that is a common occurrence? How hard is it to put the air ducts back in the ceiling? I know I won’t do another summer in my apartment again.

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