Dealing with a flat tire

My girlfriend Mary and I just moved in together. Things are going pretty well, except it is clear that I am not the typical guy around the house. I am really neat, a great cook and I also don’t mind doing laundry. I am a computer guy too. I can fix an internet, computer or tech related issue in under ten minutes. But, I am worthless when it comes to car and home repairs. This has been a constant source of irritation for Mary. She loves that I cook, clean and do the wash. Mary would also like me to do the typical guy jobs around the home too. I just don’t have the capability though. When she called me with a flat tire, I had to tell her to call a towing company. I don’t know how to change a flat. When she told me that the toilet stopped flushing, I told her to call a plumber. Mary’s new issue is that our HVAC system keeps turning on and off randomly. Mary wants me to get out my toolkit and determine the HVAC repair. I don’t have the heart to tell her that I have no toolkit. I have googled what could go wrong and I don’t get what I need to do HVAC wise. I don’t even know how to open up the HVAC unit. I want to call a HVAC serviceman, but Mary has basically shamed me into attempting to figure it out. I just don’t think I got that man fix it genes in me. I think I will make our HVAC equipment way worse by messing with it.