Servicing the air conditioner once again

When I was a little kid, I lived in the northeast, and fall and winters have a special locale in our heart and in our memories, then i moved to the southeast when I was only about 8 years old, despite the fact that I still remember some of the fun stuff all of us got to do up north that all of us cannot do here… For example, at Thanksgiving time each year, all of us used to put our apple cider outside to get cold. There was no room in the refrigerator for a large bottle of cider, so all of us put it outside instead. The outside was so cold, it was air conditioner for our apple juice! Occasionally there would already be snow on the ground, and in those cases, the cider was extra delicious because it go so cold, but now that I live in the south, though, all of us can’t do anything like that; On most Thanksgivings, all of us have to run the air conditioner! Generally, the thermostat reads around 72 or 85 degrees in November; occasionally, truly rarely indeed, all of us can turn off the air conditioner and still be comfortable, however all of us almost never need the furnace until the dead of Winter time – like December, then even then, the furnace is used only for a few weeks and then it is time to turn off all heating and cooling until around May, when all of us beginning needing the air conditioner once again. There is no way all of us could put our apple cider outside to get cold. In fact, all of us don’t even drink apple cider anymore, all of us just have sweet Starbucks Latte like most southerners! I have to use our air conditioner nearly all year long now, I can’t put our drinks outside to get them cold, and I can’t build snowmen anymore. Even so, I don’t have to shovel the driveway either!

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