Checking everything

The other day I was experiencing difficulties with my HVAC system. I wasn’t sure what HVAC company to go with, so I was looking at reviews. I narrowed my options down to just two HVAC companies. I decided that instead of trying to choose the better one, I would see for myself by calling both companies. The HVAC technician who arrived first, I told him I wasn’t sure if I would be using his services or not, but I just wanted his professional opinion. He said he would have to charge me for the service call regardless and I was already disappointed with that being said. I told him that nobody said to me that there would be a service fee just for him showing up but he said it was his company policy. I right away sent him away and told him I wasn’t going to pay him a thing for not doing anything. The next HVAC technician who showed up, I said the same thing to. He said he had no problem checking everything over, and he would provide me with an estimate for the work. When he provided me with the estimate, I seen that he was charging a very reasonable price for the services if I chose to go with him. I ended up going with him because I appreciated his integrity, and I wanted to work with an HVAC company who I could trust and have peace of mind knowing that they are not trying to rip me off. I later got a bill from the other HVAC company that I chose not to go with, and I never paid that bill. I’ll go to court to dispute that bill if I have to.

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