A group of air conditioning systems

My son is part of a group of high school seniors participating in a six week home building boot camp. It’s a way for teens to learn all about the nuts and bolts of building a home. The idea is that the students have exposure to skill sets that could become a profession, as well as knowledge that will help them as future home buyers. The kids learn to frame, shingle, tile and plaster. They also get to shadow electricians, plumbers and heating and cooling techs. My son loves the program. It’s captured his imagination in a way only video games have in the past. He says he likes working with the tradesmen the most. He asks a lot of questions about our house now. I’ve even caught him with a flashlight looking around the utility room in the basement. He’s considering an apprenticeship with an established HVAC technician after graduation. It would entail cleaning furnaces, servicing air conditioning units and assisting with the installation of air purification systems. He would also need to take an HVAC certification course at the community college at some point. One piece of equipment he’s learning about now at the boot camp is the heat exchanger. My son explained to me that heat exchangers work on both the heating and the cooling of a home, which was news to me. He then said, with great confidence, that a heat exchanger transfers thermal energy from one medium to another. I’ve never heard my kid talk about anything so knowledgeably. He said that the less energy needed to cool or heat a building, means a more energy efficient HVAC system. Heat exchangers do the heavy lifting for you. I am thrilled my son is so interested in something that could become a career for him.