This air conditioner is costing me money

Whenever one of my friends asks me if I want to go to the movie theatre to catch the newest movie, I am always super hesitant. I am not a huge fan of crowds, and I think that there are no worse crowds than movie crowds. Parents tend to always be talking to their children during the whole movie, and I cannot stand hearing people munching on popcorn the entire time. I was talking to my wife the other day, and she suggested that I install my own movie theatre. This way I can control who is coming to watch, and also the set temperature of the air conditioner. The heating and cooling systems at our local movie theatre and ones around the city are always set much too low. I am coming to watch a movie for pete’s sake, not sit in the chilly wintertime air! Inside of my movie theatre I am going to put a sign up that says the snacks that are allowed in the room. Trust me when I say that popcorn will not be on this list. I will also make sure that the a/c unit thermostat is not available for anyone to mess with while watching the movie. I’m sure that this will cost tons of money, but it will be worth it I believe.

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