This is all I wanted

All I want is to not have to drop my entire saving on something around this house that breaks out of nowhere! I honestly could scream right now because it has been years since I’ve been able to go on vacation. Literally years! Every time I’ve saved up a nice little bit of money to put toward something extra, like a vacation, something comes up! Without fail! Every stinking time! I mean what does my house have against me taking a vacation anyway? I am nothing but nice to it! I get my HVAC system serviced regularly, I have the heating and cooling ducts cleaned relatively often, and I know no one’s floors and walls look as good as mine because I had them redone when I moved in, and take particular care and pleasure out of keeping everything spotlessly clean. Is it just too much to ask to be able to spend some money on myself? Although I guess, if I think about it, my HVAC system is really the stinker here, not the house itself. I don’t know how many times in the past year alone I’ve had to have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialist out to look at my HVAC unit. Either it’s the heating or the air conditioning or the vent or this little part no one’s ever heard of! Something’s always broken, and of course I’m right on top of getting it fixed. Maybe if I wasn’t such a clean freak about things I’d be able to take a vacation… If I thought that the dishwasher could stay broken for a month or so I’d be on vacation as we speak. Just once, if I could think to myself: “I’ll fix it when I get back.” Too bad there’s little to no chance of that happening.

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