Energy conversation

Meeting helpful people is often the highlight of my day.  It is so refreshing when people take a moment to involve their time and effort into helping someone else.  It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant either. It’s helpful to continue to hold the door when someone else is entering behind you for example.  This simple helpful act is often received with surprise and a smile because people are shocked that someone is being thoughtful and helpful. I like to surround myself with helpful things such as my heating and air conditioning system.  I’ve researched heating and air conditioning systems  to save energy and lower my monthly utility bills. So my traditional HVAC system is wasting 30% of the energy that it produces in an attempt to cool our home which results in higher utility bills.  Another option is ductless heating and air systems. Ductless heat pumps are over two times more efficient that the government’s minimum standard for energy efficiency. The energy-saving technology that is used in the ductless system also has a reduced CO2 emissions.   Another way that the ductless heating and air system helps the environment through energy conservation is by the zones. I can have the bedrooms in one zone and the kitchen on another unit in another zone. This allows me to only use the heat or air in the room that I am in.  The ductless heating and air system helps me save money on my energy bill. It’s an efficient energy saving system that provides easy comfort in any room in your home.

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