The circulation of the air

Technology has brought about so many wonderful changes to our modern world.  It has made our immense world so much smaller with the advancements that we have made in transportation.  A trip, not to many decades behind, that would have taken months and would have involved many dangers can now be taken with very little time or concern.  Technology has brought a person’s home just from a place of shelter to symbols of status and places of comfort and conveniences. If you have travelled outside of our country it is very easy to see what we consider a basic necessity is often considered a luxury elsewhere.  Even a technology as simple as heating and air conditioning systems is not as readily available as you would think. This is why I prefer heating and air conditioning systems that work with what nature already provides like the swamp cooler. Swamp coolers are available at a lower cost point than traditional heating and air conditioning systems.  They also are more energy efficient and better for the environment than traditional air conditioning systems.  The portable swamp coolers use simple technology to cool a space which lends it to be more energy efficient cooling method.  When compared to air conditioning systems that uses refrigerant the swamp coolers cost up to 50% less. The swamp cooler cooling system does not add ozone damaging gases into the environment which also makes it appealing.  What I like best about all the amazing features of the swamp cooler is that it cools the air simply using air motion and water. And it works best when there is fresh air available from an open door or window. The constant circulation ensures that your indoor air will be more fresh than just using a traditional heating and air conditioning system.