I really want a Skyline

Occasionally I am a bit of a fool. I consistently am ruining things up that I should not. There is a Green Day song called Youngblood that for years I was proudly declaring yard bug. When our buddies found out, I could not live it down. I also thought when you have extra information it was called a Timbit, not a tid bit. That was so embarrassing for myself and others as well. The newest example of my foolishness cost myself and others way more than our pride though, then for the longest time I coveted a JDM car. This is a Asian manufactured car. I easily wanted a Nissan Skyline so bad so I completed all the necessary steps to get it. I contacted the JDM company to get the Nissan Skyline, paid the guy plus had the car transported to me. I signed all the burdensome paperwork needed plus paid a little more than I wanted. But even with the hefty price, I was over the moon for our current car. The JDM business told myself and others the car qualified for the 25 year rule. I was easily over the moon to hear about that. I assumed this meant the car was manufactured within the past 25 years. I thought this meant I was getting a brand current Asian model car. I thought that because of the high price on the Nissan Skyline, I was getting a 2018 model. After the car got here, I realized the 25 year rule meant the car was older than 25 years. The 25 year rule is absolutely a regulation for importing cars! I felt like such a fool plus was aggravated with how much I was charged for an aged car.

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