This is blowing my mind

I live in a place that the locals have dubbed Tornado Alley. I live just to the south of the city, in the largest trailer park in this part of the state. People say that trailer parks are tornado magnets, and it is easy to see why. The truth is we don’t get hit any harder than anywhere else, but the mobile nature of our homes makes the damage a lot more intense and noticeable. When a tornado touches down around here, it leaves a wide path of destruction behind it. Last time it happened I got lucky, and suffered very little damage. The only real issue I had was an air conditioner that came sailing through my front window. Thankfully no one was there at the time, we were hiding under our beds, because this window mounted box A/C unit probably weighed 50 pounds and came in like a cannonball. The next day we surveilled the damage around our home, and started asking the neighbors who the air conditioner belong to. It turns out the A/C had been in the home of someone on the opposite side of the park. That means the twister had thrown that A/C almost three quarters of a mile, which blows my mind. The funniest part of this whole deal is that we gave the air conditioner back to the guy. We carried it inside and put it back in the window from which it had been taken. When he plugged it in, it started blasting coolness from the air vents like nothing had happened!

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