The outdoor heat

I was so excited for a session at my local gym the other day.  That is until I got there and realized the gym had been shut down due to an air conditioning issue.  My gym is notorious for having excellent air conditioning. I never have to worry about it being sweaty and humid inside, which makes working out much more enjoyable. Sometimes the air conditioning can even be a little chilly, which is okay because that means I don’t sweat as much. To accomodate cooling the large space, the gym has an oversized system of HVAC units and fans working in harmony. Though the oversized HVAC system does a wonderful job at keeping the gym comfortable, it takes up a lot of energy to keep running, especially when summer rolls around. I guess this time the HVAC system was having to work too hard to keep the space cool, because the compressor and fan controls got worn out, rendering the system useless. It turns out there was also an issue with corroded wires within the HVAC system, adding to the damage from the worn out compressor. The entire HVAC system seems like it is in pretty bad shape, so I don’t expect the gym to open for quite some time. This is a real bummer because no other gym in town has an air conditioning system that advanced. So until the gym can fix their HVAC system, I’ll have to do my workouts at home or outside in the heat. I just hope the repairs will go by quickly.

cooling unit