We love the radiant floors

I suppose I am too stupid to heat our pool, i read online that a boiler system can be used as a pool heater. A boiler is a giant cabin heating unit. The boiler can heat a small home, a whole building or entire college by itself. It has that impressive of heating power. The boiler is a pressing metal unit that is usually set up in a basement. I read that a boiler can do so much more that just impressively heat the the air. The boiler can also be linked to radiant floors. This seems straightforward to me, you take piping from the boiler and run the piping within your floorboards. The water flows through the pipes and then you have hydronic heating. I get how these pipes go from the basement to the lower level of the house. The ceiling of the basement and floor of the first floor is the same. You also can use a boiler to be a sizzling water tank. This also makes sense to me. The boiler is heating water anyway to supply warmth, just link it to the plumbing… But, how in the world do I make our pool and boiler connect? I read that piping is involved in this heating process as well. But, the pool is way out in the middle of our yard! Do I need to dig up our lawn and bury the pipe? Once the piping really makes it to the pool, what do I do? Is it love radiant floors and it is under the pool? Or maybe the boiler piping hooks to the pool pump and pumps in moderate air.

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