We’re shocked

There was a time when I thought I had experienced everything life had to offer. I had been to amusement parks, been kayaking in the Rainforest, and have even gone skydiving on a few occasions. However, all of that pales in comparison to being caught in an earthquake. I had recently moved out to the California area and had just gotten everything settled in my new home when it struck. First, there was this rattling of the dishes in the frying pan, and as I looked over at the noise everything else started moving. I tried to get up to run, but I was quickly knocked back onto the couch where I stayed until the earthquake had passed. It was a mid-sized earthquake causing minor damage generally, but I was hit with a surprise that I didn’t find out about for three months. It just so happened that I had been planning on moving when the earthquake hit. I counted myself lucky that there was no real damage and pushed forward with selling the house. I found a prospective buyer and everything was looking great until he had an inspector come in. I was amazed and shocked when he found high levels of radon gas in the basement. I couldn’t even figure out where the radon gas could be coming from. The inspector was thorough though and after about an hour of looking, he found the culprit. There was a hole in the foundation behind the furnace that was very difficult to see, much less get at.