An ancient air conditioner

My mother is a really big horder. She has trouble throwing anything away in her home. You should see the odd things she keeps around. She has tons of newspapers all hanging around in her house. She also has tons of weird animal paintings hanging up or in storage. There is an organ in her living room that does not play. There is a pope’s chair in her office that she does not sit in. There is additionally a record player in her attic that works, but she does not use. She never gets rid of anything. I make it my mission every summer to help her throw up some worthless items. We go down in her basement and I spend hours trying to get her to toss things. My latest mission was to get rid of the ancient AC system in her basement. It definitely is the first air conditioner she ever bought. So the cooling system is huge, dented and ugly looking. It basically looks like a copy machine and weighs a similar amount. I think it is technically a portable A/C system. But to move the cooling system I would need to recruit both of my brothers to help assist me in lifting it. I do not think the AC system works. I know my mother uses central air conditioning now. She does not need the heavy AC unit in her basement. But apparently she cannot stand the thought of parting with it. I want to throw it out but I first need to recruit people to help. But I can’t get my mom to sign off on me removing the awful device from her home.

central air system