These issues are caused by a dirty air conditioner

Last summer, I started having all sorts of problems with comfort and air quality in my home.  The weather was especially brutal, with extremely high temperatures and relative humidity levels.  Despite lowering the setting on the thermostat, my home still felt clammy and hot. Although the air conditioner cycled continually, it simply couldn’t keep up with demand.  I also noticed that it was spreading a great deal of airborne contaminants and a musty smell throughout the house. Whenever the air conditioner started up, my husband and kids would complain about the odor.  We all suffered from frequent headaches, sneezing, coughing, sore throats and itchy eyes. When I realized that the cooling system was most likely to blame for our symptoms, I contacted a local HVAC contractor for service.  The HVAC technician took the air conditioner apart in order to access the inner workings. He then showed me the excessive buildup of contaminants within the system. There was a great deal of mold flourishing on the cooling coil, as well as a thick layer of dust.  There was also a growth of algae blocking the condensate drain, which had led to overflow and moisture damage around the unit. Every time the air conditioner started up, it was spreading air pollutants which were jeopardizing my family’s health. This accumulation of debris also blocked air flow, resulting in longer run times, higher energy bills and diminished comfort.  The HVAC contractor spent several hours cleaning the cooling system. He used chemicals to kill the bacterial growth and prevent a recurrence. This service made a tremendous difference in the performance of the air conditioner and enjoyment of my home.

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