I was gassed out of my trailer

I have been living in numerous different styles of homes in my life. I’ve resided in apartments, houses, and even been in someone’s pool house for a while, but my number one place to be in by far is my tiny house. Living in a tiny house is the best! It hooks up to my truck for easy movement to anywhere I want to go, and the tiny home land plots where I usually rent a space to stay are full of all sorts of cool people. There’s consistently a big party and good time to be had in the place I stay at. The place I just left was really one of the best trailer parks I have ever resided in. There were a bunch of bikers that lived there. By that, I mean actual bikers! They worked for a bar and mechanic shop and all lived in the park in their offseason, and partying with bikers is unlike anything you have entirely ever experienced, but that is a story for another time; So, I had to move from that park for my breathing reasons. See, I have this radon gas detector in my tiny home and it started going off a couple weeks after I set up my tiny house. There are some holes in the edge of my trailer home, and the radon gas was coming in through those. Radon gas, for those who don’t even get what that is, is an odorless,white, and a bad gas that can lead to first stage lung cancer. I already put enough cigar smoke into my lungs and don’t need to add to it with this horrible radon gas.

we fix radon