Something is wrong with the heater

I own a karate studio that is located in the basement of a shopping market. I pay rent to the grocery store owner and I get to use the space. The basement is both great and terrible. It is nice that I don’t have to worry about utilities. I don’t have to pay a water bill or for HVAC. The building takes care of it all. But since I rely on the building to take care of it, the utilities are not great. I don’t have as many lights as I would like. The bathrooms are totally disgusting. Also the HVAC is nothing to write home about. There is no AC for my karate studio. That is okay since the studio is in the basement. The basement is naturally cold so AC installation would just be silly. The heating system is really needed though because of that. The heater for my studio is an old boiler system. The boiler system heats my studio and I believe the grocery store. I used to think the boiler system was in pretty good shape. Now, it is not doing so well. The other day I came in to work and noticed there was water all over my floors. I traced the water back to the supply closet where the boiler system was located. The boiler had a cracked pipe that was allowing water to spray everywhere. So I had no heating and a huge mess. I called the store owner and he sent some guys down to clean the water and patch the heater. But what about the heating system? I hardly think a patch counts as a heater repair.

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