I’m living with too many people

I am in college and like many college students I have roommates in order to save money. All of my friends have roommates too, but I don’t think their situations are quite as bad as mine. I live with five other girls in a small house with only one bathroom. It has become almost impossible to live in these conditions lately. I have been trying to stay at my boyfriends house as much as possible because it is a zoo at my house. There is always a mess somewhere, and people are all taking my things without asking. I try to keep food in the house, but it is impossible with all the girls eating everything all the time. Don’t even get my started on trying to share the thermostat with five other girls. It is like a blood bath everytime someone changes the temperature. Some girls like when the air conditioner is blasting and some can’t stand it and switch on the heat. The temperature is always fluctuating, and it can’t be good for our HVAC system. I really hate the constant battle for the temperature of the thermostat. I really can’t wait until I can move out! I know it sounds dramatic, but the girls will literally get in fights about the HVAC system. I just can’t deal with it. I really want to live in a peaceful house where the thermostat is set to a comfortable seventy-two degrees. I like our lease is up in a couple of months. I am really considering getting my own place!

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