I got a lot done

Growing up in a southern area you knew that the summers were going to be brutal every year and you hoped your air conditioner could make it through.  Unfortunately, last summer my cooling unit quit working. I called an HVAC technician to come over as soon as I realized my house was getting overheated.  The outside temperature was reaching the upper nineties so the house quickly felt like an oven. The HVAC technician took over an hour to get there so I was soaked with sweat.  When the cooling repairman checked my cooling system he said that I need some new parts, but because I had an older cooling unit I would have to special order the parts. Even if the HVAC provider expedited the shipping it would be two days before the parts arrived and the HVAC technician could do the repairs.  There was no way I could last for two days in this insufferable heat without an air conditioner so I had to go stay at a hotel until the air conditioner repair was done at my house. Getting to the hotel was amazing. The air conditioner felt like heaven. The hotel room had a smart thermostat so I could control the air conditioner from my phone.  It was so nice because I never even had to get out of bed to change the temperature or fan speed. After getting to stay in the hotel for two days with this HVAC system I wished that I would have just had my air conditioner and thermostat at home replaced to one this new and tech friendly. Next year I think I am going to invest in a new air conditioner to avoid needing another HVAC technician during the awful summer heat.

air conditioning tune-up