The cool air is really pumping in

When I moved into my new apartment I was so excited to be starting out fresh! When move-in day arrived, I had everything boxed up and loaded onto the truck. However, I had a major setback when I arrived at the new place to find that the air conditioner wouldn’t turn on. It was a hot day, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to get much done until the A/C repairman came and fixed it. I immediately notified the office manager at my complex so that they could get me on the maintenance list. It was about an hour before the HVAC technician made it out, so I decided to take a break and relax at a local coffee shop while I waited. All that time I was worried that the A/C in the new apartment was going to be an ongoing problem for me. I hated the idea of having to call the repairman every few weeks. After that, I arrived back at the apartment to find the A/C running and the cool air pumping through all of the rooms! I was so relieved to know that the problem with the cooling system was minor. We were due for a hot summer, so that’s one appliance I knew I couldn’t do without.  Now, I’m all set up at my new place, and I couldn’t be happier! I haven’t had the first problem with the air conditioner or anything else around the space. I think I chose a really great place to live for the next few years!

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