Forming my own business

When I graduated from high school, I began trying to figure out what kind of job I wanted to work permanently. I knew that going to college for four years wasn’t the path for me because I enjoy staying on the move and working with my hands. When I learned that I could go to school for a shorter amount of time to be an HVAC technician, I knew that this would be a good choice for me. I have always wanted to own my own business, so I figured after learning about HVAC technology and working as a technician for a while I could eventually start my own company. It turned out that I was able to do just that! After spending eight years working as an HVAC technician, I was able to open my installation and repair company. Now, my business is doing well! I have a team of seven employees, and I’m able to pay everyone a very fair wage. When I started out, I had no idea that I would be able to make such a great living off of heating and cooling systems, but the company has been successful because HVAC units are a necessity for everyone. I know that if we continue to work hard and treat our customers well that we will be able to continue to grow and sustain ourselves for many, many years. I love what I do. It took me some time to really learn what goes into HVAC units and keeping them running, but it was well worth it.

certified HVAC