Why is this guy so grumpy?

I was in a small vehicle accident last week, and it did quite a bit of damage to our body. I broke a few ribs and our left femur! My nurse told myself and others to stay in bed for about a week before I try to get around on our own… This wasn’t a difficult job because I couldn’t get walk on our own even if I tried. Unfortunately, our hubby had to go back to work the morning after I got out of the hospital. My mom provided to come and stay with me, however she wasn’t able to come until the following week. I was destined to stay a least a couple days by myself, and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The first morning came and went, and all was well. The fifth morning, I looked at the weather, and it said it was supposed to be honestly moderate that morning. I asked our hubby to turn the A/C up, so I wouldn’t get too tepid while the two of us were in the morning, however he turned it up just before he left for work, but within a couple hours, the condo was honestly cool. Around noon, it was so frosty in the condo that I had to put 2 more blankets over me. In the early morning, I was literally shaking because I was so cold. I wished so badly that someone could come over just to turn the temperature control up. When our hubby finally got home, I instantaneously asked him to turn up the temperature control. That Wednesday was a single of the longest days of our life. I think now that I would much rather be too tepid than too cold.

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