Tightening up the security

My housemates have all started working for the same medical company, and security there is unlike anything they’ve ever seen. They all even have to work in different departments, because if you live together you’re not allowed to work together. One of them works in the data entry department, the other is a quality assurance manager, and the last is a samples carrier. All of them have to have ID badges that also serve as keyless entry. Every room of the building is known as a clean floor–that means no food or beverages of any kind are allowed. You can’t even have a bottle of water, or mints, or chewing gum. I think I would go insane. I asked my brother if anyone had tried to break the rules; he told me that they have a video analytics team whose sole job is to monitor the floor for any breaches in protocol. I guess it makes sense–they do work in medical testing after all. The building they all work in now was outfitted just for their company, with all new video surveillance installation and a state of the art integrated security system. The whole thing works via their ID badges. They use their ID badges to log into computers, enter and exit areas of the building, and even clock out for breaks. Different badges have different levels of clearance, so no one can enter a room they’re not qualified to go in. If a card is lost, the employee must report it under 24 hours, so the card can be remotely deactivated before a breach occurs.

Building Automation Installation