Well. I need a divorce lawyer.

My brother and sister-in-law have finally decided that they are going to file for divorce. They haven’t been happy for many years, and nothing that they have done has seemed to really help much. They’ve tried all kinds of marriage counseling and they’ve even done one of those fancy marriage retreats on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. But they still have irreconcilable differences. It’s sad, but now they are looking for a good divorce attorney to try and lead them through all of the litigation that is going to be coming up as they go through the divorce proceedings. At least both of them agree that getting a divorce and splitting up is what they want to do. If they had to get two different lawyers from two different law firms, that would double all of the legal bills that they would have to pay, and neither of them want that. So right now, they are trying to make some crucial decisions about ending their marriage. They are looking for a professional divorce attorney who will guide them well and give them both solid advice in the legal proceedings. They know that professional and dependable legal information from a trusted source will help them to make wise decisions when it comes to their divorce. I think that they are being very considerate about the whole thing, and I’m glad that they decided together to use the same attorney, especially since divorce is probably one of the most complicated legal processes that either of them will ever have to encounter.