I hope they get the vents closed

For a Summer day this week is rather cool.  The people I was with and I are sitting at 67 degrees which would be a lovely temperatures if it was not for the humidity levels.  This week the humidity is at 94%, which is gross all on its own but the cool temperature does make it tolerable. Since the humidity is so high the two of us decided to just keep the a/c on so that the two of us can remain comfortable throughout the day.  Afterall, who wants to be uncomfortable? The people I was with and I were perfectly ecstatic with the temperature in our home, & most pressingly the two of us were comfortable. When our mother came over to option up our daughter an hour ago, she was bare in the house before she started in on complaining about our “recycled, unhealthy air” she walked over to our air conditioner & turned it off & began walking around our house opening all of our windows; I was right behind her closing them & turning on our a/c.  This did not make her ecstatic a single bit she felt that I was being disrespectful to her since she was our elder & all. I simply told her this was our condo not her & the two of us preferred to have the a/c running so that our condo could have the most ideal temperature conditions. I told her that our air is very healthy & that by using our a/c it is better for our spouse’s dust sensitivities because the two of us are able to keep out all of the outdoor allergens. Of course she disagreed with us & told us that the two of us were just wasting our money by not using the fresh air the great Lord provided us.  My final reply to her was that the two of us were using the fresh cool air that was given to us by our cooling system.

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