Deciding on our air quality

I am quite concerned with the cleanliness and integrity of the air quality in my home.  I have been researching different types of air quality accessories that are available to partner with my heating/cooling system.  There are so many options that I can’t decide which would be best. I live in an area with year round weather extremes. It is necessary to run either heating or cooling almost all the time.  To prevent energy waste, I’ve tightened up the house, sealed all cracks and made every effort to keep the heating/cooling bills as low as possible. Because of this, the same stale, contaminated air is trapped inside and continually circulated.  Whenever the furnace or air conditioner starts up, it’s most likely spreading pollutants throughout the house. It’s possible that the inner workings of the equipment are contaminated with bacteria, mold and other harmful growth, which is then introduced into my family’s breathing air.  In the winter, with the furnace blasting heat non stop, the air in the home gets overly dry. A lack of humidity can cause damage to home furnishings, chapped lips, headache, sore throat, bloody noses and a whole bunch of health issues. In the summer, despite the air conditioner running, there are problems with humidity.  Excessive moisture encourages dust mites, mold, mildew and viruses, and can aggravate symptoms of allergy and asthma. I have been looking into a whole-home solution, such as a humidifier, ventilator, dehumidifier, air purifier or a germicidal UV lamp. Each of these air quality accessories serves a different but effective function.  I wish I could afford to purchase all of them, and optimize the health and comfort of my home.

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