That was a powerful storm

Life in the northeast usually means dealing with storms, but not in the summer. Here, our summer nights get so cold you need a sweater, even in July. However, this past year has had the most days above 90 degrees in will over a decade. And with these heat waves, has come incredibly powerful storms. This is a problem, because houses in New England are not built to withstand hurricane force winds. Most of them are built with roofs that are designed to stop snow from building up on them so the roofs don’t collapse. They also often avoid cathedral ceilings, as the lower height is easier for a central heating system to keep warm in the winter. This pattern of violent weather has now caused HVAC companies to become inundated with work, to the point that regularly scheduled maintenance in some areas are tough to come by. Homes and business just twenty miles south of me are having their heating and air conditioning ductwork completely rebuilt due to a tornado ripping the roofs off. HVAC companies have had to respond to the need for more workers by extending their ranges of clientele. For example, a buddy of mine lives in the last town hit by a tornado; his house wasn’t damaged, but he needed his regular HVAC tune-up due to the central air conditioning being overworked in this heat. He was able to find an HVAC contractor who could come by at the end of the week. When the central AC tech got their, my buddy found out that the guy had driven through two counties. I hope this heat wave ends soon–the northeast is not built for this kind of weather.

HVAC tune-up