I would like to turn the AC up

My husband and I are currently living down South. We actually have been traveling in our fifth wheel for over two years now. A couple of months ago, we were involved in a small accident on the road. There wasn’t much damage done, but for some reason or another our insurance didn’t want to cover it. We fought them in court about it, and eventually, they agreed to pay for the damage done, but that whole incident sort of wore my poor husband out, and he needed a break. We decided to take some time off traveling and visit family down South for about two months. The temperatures have been in the upper nineties the entire time that we’ve been here. Even though it’s super hot, I did find out that setting my air conditioner one low to try and get some relief was not the best idea. Our fifth wheel heats up really quickly, and our air conditioner has trouble keeping up with the temperatures. We have always kept our air conditioner on medium, and the coldest setting possible. It was very warm one night with high humidity, and I just couldn’t sleep because I was too hot. I decided to turn the air conditioner on high instead of medium to see if it would help. I went back to bed and quickly fell asleep. My husband and I both woke up absolutely freezing about three hours later. I couldn’t believe how cold our camper had gotten. I learned my lesson the hard way, and lost a couple hours of sleep over it, but I’m not sure which was worse being too warm or being too cold.

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