I have been drinking a lot more coffee

Whistle while you work, isn’t that what those seven dwarfs used to sing? My daughters love that movie, they watch it all the time, and while I am not one for whistling, I did take their point to heart. When you bring a certain energy to your work, it affects all those around you. Your personal energy can inspire those around you, or demotivate them. If you work in sales, like I do, then your energy can help boost your sales, or it can cripple your numbers. I chug a lot of coffee in the morning to get myself fired up. Then I hit the phones and spend 8 furious hours a day trying to sell air conditioning systems and furnaces. Since these are such expensive items, I also try and sell air filters and space heaters, too. Working commission means I make a percentage of whatever I sell, so obviously I make a much better commission from a furnace or an A/C unit than I do a case of air filters. The guy in the cubicle next to mine doesn’t even try and sell the major HVAC systems. He notches a lot more sales than I do, but mostly for smaller items like the space heaters and the dehumidifiers. Selling one full central HVAC system will bring in more money in commission than selling a warehouse full of air filters, I tell you. The biggest and best sale that I ever made was a huge shipment of fifty space heaters, going to a summer camp far up north.

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