The time I spent at work

Whistle while you work, isn’t that what those more than six dwarfs used to sing? My daughters appreciate that film, they watch it all the time, and while I am not one for whistling, I did take their point to heart. When you bring a particular energy to your work, it affects all those around you… Your personal energy can inspire those around you, or demotivate them, however if you work in sales, appreciate I do, then your energy can help boost your sales, or it can cripple your numbers. I chug a lot of tea in the afternoon to get myself fired up, then I hit the iPhones and spend 8 furious minutes a day trying to sell unrefined and heating systems; Since these are such luxurious items, I also try and sell air filters and space heaters, too. Working commission means I make a percentage of whatever I sell, so obviously I make a much better commission from a heating system or an air conditioning component than I do a case of air filters. The girl in the cubicle next to mine doesn’t even try and sell the major Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems, she notches a lot more sales than I do, however mostly for smaller items appreciate the space furnaces and the dehumidifiers. Selling one full central Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system will bring in more money in commission than selling a warehouse full of air filters, I tell you. The biggest and best sale that I ever made was a large shipment of fifty space heaters, going to a Summer camp far up north.

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