A comfortable home in the winter

One of my best friends just finished remodelling her new home. She’s a first time homeowner, but she did all of the research and made sure to have everything installed professionally. She was always the girl in our friend group growing up that looked into everything, did her homework and knew exactly what she wanted, whether she was shopping for a winter coat or a new car. Since the house was a little older, one of the first things she had done before she got into any of the cosmetics was the HVAC system. The furnace was pretty old, and she was determined to have central heating and air for her first house. Now not only is her house cool in the summer, it’s also the coziest place I know the in winter. We live in the northeast, so the winters here are not only frigid and brutal, but they’re also painfully dry. She and her husband were planning on having children really soon, so they wanted to make sure the house was as clean and safe as it could be for a toddler. When they picked out their new heating and cooling system, they added on a humidifier and an air purification system. Her house is the only one I know where I don’t get shocked by every bit of metal. The humidifier really eliminates the dry air like a champ, all while keeping the house really toasty.

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