Work around my house

My parents did not know what to do the first time our old house had a leak. I distinctly remember being a little kid and being told not to play in the water that was dripping down into the buckets around the house. It was our first really serious storm living in the house, and the water had begun to come in. My parents couldn’t understand it–the roof had been recently repaired and inspected before they had purchased the house. Had they not done a good enough job? Had dad missed something when he last went to go and sweep off the pine needles and leaves? They had no idea what to make of the water coming in through the vents of HVAC ducts. There was even water spots starting to form on the ceiling. Dad called a company right away and the next morning there was a guy on our roof trying to figure out what the problem was. My dad was going out of his mind–how could the roof be leaking from somewhere he couldn’t see? Sure enough, the roofing guy told us that the roof was perfect; it was the HVAC all along. Clearly the home inspection hadn’t properly gone over the complete ductwork for the house. Since it was the summer in the south, it took over a week for any of the local heating and air conditioning service providers to be able to send anyone to fix the problem. We had a leak in the HVAC ducts the whole time and it nearly ruined the ceiling. Dad shrugged, and reminded Mom that at least they weren’t paying for a new roof too.

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