Perhaps I could learn something

Traveling down to the southern end of the state was usually an indicator that I could relax for a few mornings, then now that our spouse’s siblings have moved out of her parent’s house, going down to visit the in-laws also means I’m guaranteed to wake up to a quiet, cozy home! I really like going to see our in-laws, & I’m not being sarcastic in the least. They’re good people, & they keep their lake house perfectly comfortable & cozy with the temperature control set around 72 degrees; Like our spouse & I, her parents also seem to be warm-blooded & can’t stand being in a hot, stuffy house, then i remember going down to visit them a few months ago, eagerly awaiting the sensation of walking into their lake lake house & being greeted with hugs, handshakes & a blast of chilly air; When both of us arrived that time, I walked into their lake lake house & instantly observed how stagnant & sizzling the lake house felt. Before I could ask, our father in-law asked if I would be up for helping him repair the air conditioning unit, and he was still finally working as a heating, ventilation, & A/C specialist, so I said sure – I might learn a thing or two in the process. Then I learned he entirely wanted our help, as I could carry the 76lb compressor over to him as he undid the outdoor air unit! Still, I didn’t mind helping out while I could, as our spouse’s family never hesitates to open their doors & let us stay over the weekend with them. Besides, ever since that visit, the air quality in their lake lake house has been excellent in each subsequent visit. I believe it was worth it!

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