This was hard work

One of the hardest parts of working over the holidays is knowing that your family is several hours away. Such was the case last year for my wife, as she got suckered into working Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas by a selfish coworker. It wasn’t like she could finish the shift and immediately drive home to see her family, as they were four hours away on the other side of the state! She broke the news to me about a month prior to the holiday, and was a wreck – she was so sad to know she wouldn’t get to see her grandparents. I figured I would use this as an opportunity to surprise her with a great gift, so I started doing some research to find something she’d love. She’d been talking about how she wanted a hot yoga room in the house for ages, and so I figured I would install radiant floor heating in our sun room just for her. Radiant floor heating can connect to the hot water boiler for a house, or use electrical connections – either way, it generates heat for the family in a high-efficiency manner that works without a sound. It can connect to a thermostat implanted in the room, too – which is perfect to contain the room’s air treatment, and isolate it from the HVAC system for the rest of the house. I just know that this would be a hit for her, as she’s always stressing herself out and in need of some relaxation. Plus, she had no idea that I convinced her entire family to come up to our city, and stay in an AirBnB just down the road! She wouldn’t know what to say, but between the surprise visit from her family and the radiant flooring in the hot yoga room, I knew I’d won Christmas that year!

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