This is exhausting

There seems to be some misconception about people who are not in the flood zones.  I guess terrible for those who get flooded year after year, but there comes a time when you have to realize that nature isn’t going away and maybe you just built your condo where you shouldn’t have.  You need to cut your losses and say enough is enough. I did that and our partner and I found a pretty little condo on the mountain. It is so high up that if every one of us were to ever become flooded, they would have an ark pre-built.  Unfortunately, every one of us still guess the wrath that goes along with the heavy rains that cause the flooding. The two of us have mudslides up and down the dirt road that every one of us live on. Pines tree roots are practically on the top of the ground, and when the ground becomes saturated, the tree tend to easily topple over.  If they come in contact with power lines there is no power. Without power, our air conditioning, dehumidifier, and whole-home air purifier no longer work. This makes for some pretty dirty air in the house. When it is raining so badly, then mold and mildew just starts to take over. The two of us have mold on the roof of the home and on our porch.  It is also on the inside of the doors and on the windows. This is getting into our breathing air and the air quality is now really exhausting without the air conditioning and the whole-home air purifier. The dehumidifier isn’t working to get rid of the humidity that is causing the mold and mildew. Clorox works well, but it can’t be totally gotten rid of until the power comes back on, and it went off almost 2 weeks ago.

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