This is a huge problem

My hubby Esteban as well as myself easily found a grand apartment in the city. The locale easily managed to do some remodeling over the past few years, so everyone of my friends were excited about the new features. Everyone of my friends easily came over to our grand apartment, as well as we showed them around 2 the porcelain countertops as well as new Oak cupboards. Every one of my friends was excited to see our updated garbage disposal. The master bathroom had a large garden tub, with jets. Since I work in the plumbing business, it was easy to notice a lot of problems in the master bathroom. The plumbing company had not managed to pay such close attention to detail in the master bathroom, as they clearly had done so easily in the kitchen. It was noticeable that the shower faucet had been installed incorrectly, because everyone of my friends were easily talking about how numerous times they had accidentally turned on the cold water instead of the hot water. This might not be such a huge problem to most people, but in a grand apartment such as this, it would easily cause issues with other parts of the home. I recommended that there were some changes made in the plumbing for the grand apartment, as well as recommended to my friends that they take this up with the landlord immediately, before the problem got a whole lot worse. All of my friends had a 12 month lease, as well as I didn’t want them to have enormous water bills throughout their entire stay

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