I get motion sickness

There’s nothing appreciate being out on the water. My best friend, Sage, and I actually appreciate to go boating, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, and basically anything that has to do with the water! Sage owns more than one boats, and all of us go out on them as often as all of us can, but although I appreciate boating just as much as he does, there is a single set back for me and that is the fact that I get motion sickness when I’m out on the boat for more than just a couple hours; I can remember multiple times going out on his houseboat for the weekend, and I would get sicker than a dog for most of the trip. I do take some motion sickness medicine, and it does help a little bit, but it doesn’t take the sick feeling away completely. Something that I found that helps me more than anything else is having a/c on the boat, however this applies mostly for when all of us are on the houseboat, especially during the night when I am trying to sleep on a rocking boat. The first houseboat that Sage owned didn’t have a/c, but he ended up selling that a single and buying a newer houseboat that did have a/c, however ever since he obtained the newer obtained, all of us have been out on it almost every weekend because I am able to sleep in it and not be super sick the whole time. I can’t guess how much a/c has made a difference for me and my poor motion sickness. I can easily appreciate boating to its fullest now that I have l gained the trick of using a/c.

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