I like custom furniture

It seems like everyone has the same taste in furniture anymore.  There are different colors and designs, but mostly the furniture all looks the same.  Whether it is your own home, or your neighbor’s, every house has a feel of impersonality.  I think about the furniture of my great grandmother’s era. Everything wasn’t built only for its functionality, but it was built for its beauty and the ability to last a lifetime of regular use.  It wasn’t until the age of machinery and the opening of factories, that all of the furniture became cardboard cutouts. Let me tell you that it does not need to be that way. When I discovered custom furniture and interior design, I also discovered the beauty of custom made furniture and interior design.  They know how to plan out the spaces and their services are aimed at not just meeting the expectations of their clients, but surpassing their expectations and making their dreams come alive. It doesn’t matter if they want the smooth clean line of contemporary or the ornate design of the baroque period, everyone will be pleased with the choice of having a  custom furniture and interior design team working with them. You will have the the finest of fabrics for your upholstery and the best of hardwood, along with the original designs that you choose, all laid out for you to choose from. Even the smallest of alcoves and corners will be brought to life. They will even work with you to help you bring your walls to life with wall coverings and window treatments.

northwest furniture