My new house needs furniture

I found the most amazing place the other day. I went into a bigger city that is about two hours from my small-city home. There are no furniture stores near me except for those chain stores that all have the same cookie-cutter furniture styles. I am so sick of looking at all those couches and recliners I could spit. So, I saw an ad on TV for a custom furniture design studio, and off I went. When I arrived, I was flabbergasted by the furniture on display as well as the photos of homes they completely furnished. I have previously never seen such amazing kitchen cabinetry and such incredible use of color and fabric to make the home exactly what the owner envisioned for his space. I knew that I found my place when I was taken out back to the actual shop where the wood furniture is built with the skilled hands of custom furniture builders. They may be called builders, but in truth they are artists. They are building tables and beds and outdoor furniture all designed to enhance the owner’s lifestyle and support their idea of what life should be like. A good custom furniture studio will offer interior design services to go hand in hand with the furniture they offer, and they should also be consulted about wall treatments, window treatments, flooring, fabrics, draperies, pillows and whatever other design elements can complement the perfect home for the discerning client. I have a new home and I am turning to this custom furniture studio for assistance with furnishing it.

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