We had options for the gas removal

I recently had a plumber over to my home just in order to maintenance my underground well system. The well was apparently made of an old and really old granite and stone that had cracked overtime. That is why I called up the plumber. The rock though decayed and radon had formed due to this. The radon from the ground then got into my well which then made the well water be pumped into my home. I started off thinking I was just working on getting my well repaired, after the plumber checked the well out thoroughly for radon, I now have a mess of problems. The plumber fixed the ancient well for a substantial cost and then told me I need to call a radon reduction supplier who would handle the water problems. Apparently a water softener will not remove the level of radon from it. I need to get a special machine that targets the harmful toxins trapped in my water. I have called a radon supplier and I have more than one or two options on removing the gas. I can get aeration treatment or GAC treatment. One popular system is spraying water or mixing it with air. You then work to vent the air quality before you use it. The GAC treatment is really just putting in a special filter that has carbon in it. The radon attaches itself to the carbon and you are safe from the gas. Either plan is genuinely fancy financially to install. After getting my well repaired, I really don’t want to spend more money on this project. There is nothing that I can do about it though. I can’t keep using this old water with radon in it. I could get sick, get cancer or just die one day due to radon exposure. How horrible is that?

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