A legal battle

About a  year ago, I decided to clean up the tree line separating my property from my neighbor’s yard.  I made sure to speak with him and ask permission to cut down a series of fairly large trees. Since the majority were dead or diseased, they weren’t worth anything.  I spent nearly a week working on the cutting, chopping and hauling. When I was finished the area looked so much neater, and I’d eliminated the threat of those trees falling during a windstorm and causing damage.  I was very proud of my efforts and the finished result.

             Several months later, I got a call from the neighbor.  He’d already hired a lawyer and was suing me for cutting down those trees.  He asserted that the trees were actually on his property and worth quite a bit of money.  He wanted me to pay for the loss of revenue from selling the wood. I had no choice but to hire my own lawyer to fight back.  My lawyer advised me to find photographs of the tree line from before I started chopping them down. This turned into a long, drawn-out and stressful legal process.  It cost both me and my neighbor a tremendous amount of money in legal and court fees. We ended up before a judge, pleading our case. The whole thing was absolutely ridiculous.  

            Although I was able to win the court case, I wasn’t happy with the outcome.  I still wasted a whole bunch of time, paid my lawyer a ton of money, and there’s no way fix the situation with my neighbor.  I now take every opportunity to annoy him in every way possible.